Breeding Goal - Strawberryfield Australian Shepherds

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Breeding Goal

Our goal is to breed the original type of Australian Shepherds .
Dog of moderate size , with a moderate coat and pronounced herding instinct .
A good working dog should also have a balanced temperament , should be easy to train and to control . We also put emphasis on a friendly nature .

It is often claimed Aussies from ( old ) working lines are difficult to handle. Of exceptions, the opposite is the case. One need only look back to the origin of the Aussies : No rancher in the United States needs a difficult or "manic" dog for daily work.
Of course, the education plays a role (you can make a hyperactive bundle of nerves from a dog with good features), but without an appropriate assessment you will always have a hard time with the dog.

Even though today fewer and fewer dogs are used for herding , we would like to keep the above -mentioned properties. Aussies - despite of a good herding instinct - which are not used for working stock, do not necessarily lead a bleak existence , since good working dogs are also very good rescue , sport or companion dogs.
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