Chinook - Strawberryfield Australian Shepherds

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Strawberryfield Red Red Wine STDcd OTDs HTAD I-s HTD I-s DNA-VP
  • red merle c/w
  • DOB: 13.06.2014
  • 53 cm
  • NBT
  • full scissors bite
  • HD A1
  • ED 0
  • MDR 1 +/+
  • CMR1 frei
  • HSF4 frei
  • eyes clear 4/2019
  • COI 2,59 %

Fotocredit: Julia Wolf
Chinook allways likes to be cuddled.

She is as cool as a cucumber and allways in the way. :-)   Besides, she is absolutely fearless (if she were a hunting dog, she would definitely be shot-proof).
Fotocredit: Julia Wolf
Chinook besitzt die angenehme Eigenschaft "erst nachdenken, dann handeln".

Sie bringt uns oft zum Lachen, vor allem, wenn sie wie ein Erdmännchen guckt :-)

Fotocredit: Julia Wolf
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