Jeannie - Strawberryfield Australian Shepherds

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Strawberryfield Bobby Jean DNA-VP
  • blue merle c/w
  • DOB: 08.06.2019
  • 51 cm
  • NBT
  • HD A!, ED 0, OCD clear
  • COI 5,32 %
  • Eyes clear 08 2022
  • prcd PRA NORMAL
  • von Willebrand NORMAL

              Jeannie is extremely sweet and cuddly, you can cuddle her until the doctor comes. She is always very happy about visitors, but then she is quite boisterous when she greets them. :) In addition, she is incredibly fast and agile, she would definitely be great in dog sports. Unfortunately, we have no ambitions there. :(
              Jeannie has a strong herding instinct, but unfortunately is not suitable for our speedy Heidschnucke. The dog has to work very slowly and at a great distance. And so far we haven't found the "slow button" on Jeannie.
              Jeannie is a bit "unusual" about some things. She's really into certain raw vegetables and fruits. For example on cucumbers (mother and brother think they are delicious too). All you have to do is have a cucumber in your hand and they all line up. ;)
              But Jeannie also loves Jerusalem artichokes, we had a lot of them in the garden (emphasis on “had”). Always looked very pretty in the fall. But now there isn't much left, Jeannie has cleaned up thoroughly! Last year it looked as if wild boars had burrowed there. And she has now eaten the few tubers that she overlooked last year. :(
              So, if someone has (too much) Jerusalem artichokes in their garden, we're happy to take some! :)
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