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We have a little flock of "Graue Gehörnte Heidschnucken". We decided for this because they are natural, robust and frugal. They can stay outside even in wintertime without problems. A threesided closed understory is sufficient. They only stay inside if it's raining without interruption.
Heidschnucken belong to the seasonal breeds of sheep The mating season is once a year in fall and after a gestation period of about 5 months, the lambs are born . The lambs are born with black fur, which gets gray in the second year - after the first shearing .
The meet of the Heidschnucken should not be confused with "normal " sheep meat.
Since the Heidschnucke is very closely related with the European wild sheep ( mouflon ) the meat is dark, with game character and low in fat.

Heidschnucken have - like their wild ancestors - very slow growth and are fully grown until the age of about two years. Therefore, no lambs are slaughtered , but only one and a half to two-year animals.
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