Unforgotten - Strawberryfield Australian Shepherds

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27.05.2003 - 01.10.2018
Death can also be friendly
to dogs that are old,
whose paws do not want to run anymore,
whose eyes get tired
whose soul only says:
It's enough. Life was beautiful.

16.08.2002 - 26.10.2019

Fotocredit: Undine Bresch  04.08.2019
"Wynja" means "bright light".
Our bright light is no longer on earth, a new star is born.

30.01.2009 - 23.11.2019
Habe dich sicher
In meiner Seele
Ich trag' dich bei mir
Bis der Vorhang fällt

Herbert Grönemeyer "Der Weg" 
18.06.2022   (Foto: O. Mauer)
Someone called them soul dogs.... They are unforgotten because they changed our lives and live on in us even after their death. We feel it in our thinking, our actions, in our feelings.
Someone called them soul dogs.... Those dogs that only exist once in our lives, that we were allowed to accompany and that led us on different paths. Someone called them soul dogs..... Those dogs that were like a shadow and had the air to breathe, those dogs that understood us without words. Not a day goes by without thinking of her without missing her. And only dog people can understand what it's like to lose such a soul dog.
(author unknown)
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