Nike - Strawberryfield Australian Shepherds

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WTCH Strawberryfield Honey Pie AFTDcsd DNA-VP
  • red merle c/w
  • DOB.: 04.12.2006
  • 45 cm
  • long tail
  • full scissors bite
  • HD B1
  • ED 0
  • eyes clear 10/2014
  • MDR 1 +/+
  • COI 4,22 %

Nike is our little gremlin - always happy and in a good temper. Indoors she keeps very calm and you would barely recognize her.
But if people she likes are coming she is going wild with an enormous repertoire of "speaking" and "singing" and being beside herself with joy. :-)
Because of Nike's self assurance and self-reliance we feared in the beginning that it would not be so easy to bring her up. But this did not happen. Only during the first weeks it was a little arduous because she likes to go out into the great meadow near our property to look for mice. The gras was so high that you could not see her and she knows that and for sure did not hear if somebody calls for her. Besides that it was easy to train her.
Nobody wanted Nike to try our sheep but as things sometimes go ... our little "herding hamster" sliped through the fence during the morning walk. She drove the sheep around the arena twice and kept them in a corner at least. As this was done she was happy and took care that no sheep would escape. Georg did not feel very well watching this. He could not get into the fenced area as fast as he liked because of 2 gates he had to pass. God thanks that the sheep did not recognize that this only was a 10 week old puppy.
Nike has very much assertiveness what one would not expect due to her size.. Even cattle are regularly proved wrong if they do not believe her. There is no way for a cow to turn around and leave the group, Nike will bring her back. She (fortunately) always takes care not to get kicked.
Thanks Angela, for the nice pictures!!
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