Strawberryfield Australian Shepherds

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We - Astrid Wittenberg and Georg Vater - are living with six Aussie bitches in a rural environment near Braunschweig. Our "little farm" also gives home to some sheep, chicken, ducks and our cat Luzie.
We had our first contact with Australian Shepherds in the mid of the 90s. A bunch of colored dogs crossed our way. They belonged to a rancher who is breeding cattle which he just moved to another pasture with his dogs. And his cattle we know are not very friendly. We have been fascinated by the dogs and educated ourselfes about the breed and it was clear our next dog would be an Aussie.

But unfortunately it took us some years before we found the time to raise a puppy again.
It was fall 2002 when Wynja moved into our home. Due to her we got hooked on Aussies. So it is no wonder: In summer 2003 Joycie enlarged our little mixed pack. And we did know, we will have more than "only" two Aussies ...

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