Wynja - Strawberryfield Australian Shepherds

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Happy Wynja of Northsealand STDc ATDsd DNA-VP
  • black c/w
  • DOB: 16.08.2002
  • 49 cm
  • long tail
  • full scissors bite
  • HD A
  • ED 0
  • eyes clear 9/2008
  • MDR 1 +/+
  • COI 3,8 %

Wynja is a very friendly, sensitive female. She is almost unprotective and not really reserved against strangers which is normally typical for Aussies.
Quite the contrary: most strangers are welcomed very friendly and with kisses. But if somebody seems to be suspicious to her (or perhaps suspicious or unappealing to me - Astrid - and she feels it???) she is very reserved and does not want to be touched.
Wynja is my shade and she follows me everywhere. If she cannot come with me she lies down in front of the kitchen door looking out into the yard waiting for me coming back. She has a great "will to please" and is easy to educate. To say "no" once is enough for her to know what she is not supposed to do. Never a puppy or young dog caused less damage:-).
Wynja is pure energie, tireless and not to break but without being hyperactive. She loves to play with everything you can throw and returns it with enthusiasm. Mostly she loves her Frisbee. And as her second hobby she likes swimming. As long as our ponds are not frozen she jumps into the water several times a day. Only from looking at it we sometimes get creeps.
And last but not least her favorite occupation: herding. If she can help with the sheeps or ducks she is simply happy and forgets everthing else. It's a pity that we do not have cattle because cattle are particularly loved by her.
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