Joycie - Strawberryfield Australian Shepherds

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Fly A T Sky Cimarron Rose OTDdsc
  • red merle c/w
  • DOB.: 27.05.2003
  • 52 cm
  • long tail
  • full scissors bite
  • HD (not checked)
  • ED (not checkedt)
  • MDR 1 +/+
  • COI 3,78 %

Joycie is a calm and balanced bitch which shows a strong territorial behavior. She is observant and we are sure she will keep anybody off her patch. Against strangers she is very reserved in the beginning but after a while she melts and wants to be petted.
Because she is somehow phlegmatic educating her was not easy and partly arduous.It needed some nerves to make clear to her that she should not herd the deer which are living on our property. But with a lot of patience we wangled this :-).
Joycie is our clown, a bitch with distinctive facial expression from looking cute till totaly daffy regarding to her nice "little" prick-ears. Prick-eared dogs usually have more possibilities to express their feeling.
Joycie is a "couch potato", she is really sluggardly! She does not play very much (except with other dogs) and taking exercises is a kind of suicide. She prefers couching, to be petted or gnawing a bone hours by hours. But ... if it is time for working she switches from one millisecond to the next from 0 to 100. You may think it is a complete different dog.
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