Yuna - Strawberryfield Australian Shepherds

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Strawberryfield Wild Thing OTDcsd DNA-VP
  • red bi
  • DOB.: 30.01.2009
  • 49 cm
  • NBT
  • full scissors bite
  • HD A1
  • ED 0
  • eyes clear 7/2014
  • MDR 1 +/+
  • COI 2,52%

Actually,we did not want to keep a puppy out of this litter but from the next .......actually........
But as Yuna was 5 weeks old she crept into my heart (or she sucked up to me) and I was not able to give her away-
However, I have not selected her, it was more her selection.
It is also Georgs firm conviction that Yuna had decided to stay ;-)
We never regretted the decision to keep Yuna for only one second. Although she is very independent and confident, she is absolutely easy to handle. And she is one of the friendliest dogs under the sun!
She is also extremly cuddly , a real cuddle monster .

Since Yuna always likes to do everything right , her upbringing was totally easy and it is also easy to train for herding . She works with a lot of eye and has a natural feel for the pressure point. It is a great pleasure to work with her.
Yuna liebt – wie ihre Mutter – Wasser jeglicher Art: egal ob großes oder kleines, stillstehendes oder fließendes Gewässer, sie "muss" da rein :-). Auch Rasensprenger und Wasserschläuche sind sehr beliebt. Tja, so hat jeder sein Hobby.......
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