Tips - Strawberryfield Australian Shepherds

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Contrary to the usual opinion the Aussie in general is not "the perfect, fond of children, easy to handle family dog"! The Aussie needs a lot of attention and wants to have tasks. This does not imply work all over the day.

The Aussie is a herding dog and you will find this over many many generations selected behaviour in your dog. It can show up in different ways, maybe as a hunting instinct. Or it is not so obvious at all because many breeders do select more for appearance. But be sure the instinct is there. An unchallenged Aussie may herd things you don't want him to.

The Aussie is not the much-lauded family dog which likes to please everybody. It will become your dog and would like to please you if you put demands on him and show him the way to go and behave. Do you have little children? If yes you should never leave them alone with any dog. Sometimes kids are a little rough and nobody can punish a dog because he behaves like a dog. If your kids have learned to respect other individuals and to handle them with care an Aussie can be the best friend and protector.

Do not underestimate the guarding instinct of an Aussie. He will protect your property and yourself even against the postman. It is your job to socialize and educate your dog.

As Aussies are intelligent dogs they like to be engaged mentally. A solid basic education in obedience will avoid outgrowing. Mentally unchallenged dogs try to find a job by their own; they always find a possibility to vanquish boredom. This may not amuse you.

Two times a year the Aussie usualy looses his undercoat. During this times a good vac is very helpful, and you need to brush the dog more often. If the coat is very moderate dirt does not stick to it but fall of by itself.

An Aussie can be "the dog for your life", an absolute loyal companion who goes through all ups and downs with you. But this will not be automatically, you have to earn it.
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