Upbringing - Strawberryfield Australian Shepherds

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Our puppies will be born and raised in our house. As soon as possible they can explore parts of our garden and their playground. They will also become acquainted with the other cohabitants, like our cat, the ducks, chicken and sheep. They will learn the daily noises and will meet different people and dogs as well as getting used to car driving. During their short stay they will become part of our live and we will be tearily when they leave to their new homes
We feed our dogs - as far as this is possible - in a natural way (commonly known as BARF). But as we know that this is not possible for everybody the puppies will get some high-quality compound feeds from time to time which does not contain any preservatives or synthetic endorsements.

The puppies will be dewormed regularly and eye-checked with about 7 weeks. Before they will leave for their new homes they will be vaccinated. If wanted the vaccination will be skipped and they will be checked for antibodies.
We would highly appreciate to stay in contact with the new owners and to participate in the development of "our" dogs. We will be available for any questions later on.
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